This Birthday Girl Had Goals!

mikki before after


This is what discipline, determination and not giving up can do for anyone who desires to change.

We cannot base our goals on “feelings”.  If Mikki would have based this goal on how “felt”, she would not have been able to reach her goal.  There were many days when she didn’t “feel” like working out, many days when she didn’t “feel” like eating healthy.  What a lot of us “feel” like doing when we are faced with a challenging goal, is quitting and giving up.  How many times have you wanted to quit when something was difficult, but when you faced the challenge, found the right people to support and help you, you got through it and made it.  That sense of accomplishment is extremely powerful.  One that every single person should tap into when they are wanting to quit or give up.  Each time you fight through a tough goal, you grow, become better and change for the better.

This is what Mikki did. 48 lbs lost, down -27% bodyfat, -37 inches and up 4.5 lbs of lean.    Ask her how she felt on the tough days?  Ask her how she feels NOW that she accomplished the goal?    If you aren’t challenged, you don’t change.  We Challenge you so you CHANGE!

Huge shout out to Mikki! Great work !  You look amazing.

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2015 comp team at mn state cheats darc rach sue gina

Congratulations to the gals who competed yesterday in the MN STATE NPC.  They brought home lots of hardware and we could not be prouder of them.  They spent weeks as a team to pursue this goal.  They all looked amazing and all brought home a placing.   i think what makes me the most proud of them, is their team “spirit”, good sportsmanship and their true desire to support each other and be a blessing to others in their gym.   It’s an amazing environment with amazing support……  No word can describe how blessed I am to have such amazing women on this team.  HUGE SHOUT OUT to Gina, Rachel, Maria, Sue and Darcey!!  You are amazing and beautiful women inside and out.  Also want to mention Adina, Megan, Dakotah, Jami & Shannon who are also current comp team’ers who are also prepping for future shows who are also huge supporters and working their butts off to get stage READY!!!  GO GO GO!!  Love you all!!!

BFIT Comp Team at MN State !

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I could NOT be prouder of these lades. 5 of them are getting up on stage tomorrow to celebrate many months of hard work, training, discipline, emotional rollar-coasters and a very strict diet. Competing is extremely challenging both physically and mentally. Whatever happens tomorrow is going to be a celebration…. they all look amazing and have trained together as a team to accomplish their personal goals. SO SO proud of them!! Good luck tomorrow BEAUTIFUL ladies.

Unless you have competed before, you do not have any idea of what it takes to prepare for a figure, physique or bikini show.  I think it is the ultimate of goals for any women who aspires to better herself.  The amount of mental strength and discipline it takes is so hard that 50% of all women who “think” they want to do a show, end of quitting after 3 weeks.  Although it is one of the hardest to train for, it is also the most rewarding.

I remember when I competed… (and I did for 6 years)  every show I would say “this will be my last”.  But then, it hooks you in.  I remember feeling so empowered and I loved that I was inspiring other women.  I competed for only 2 reason… 1)  I wanted to try it and LEARN……. 2)  See what I could to with my physique by totally being committed.  The goal, the drive to get on that stage to say .. “i did it”, is what kept me going.

I didn’t care if i placed or not, I didn’t care what people or friends thought of me.  I didn’t care that other girls would be mean spirited towards me because they were jealous of my desire to compete.  IT fueled me…. it also really made me realize that many woman have so many insecurities, they were hurting and mad at themselves for not being able to commit to a goal.    THIS IS WHAT LEAD ME TO HELP WOMEN!!  I hated seeing women hurting.  So after my 6 years of competing… i decided to help women to feel better about themselves.  Get healthy and help them  to GET THEIR SEXY BACK!!!!

Now I get to help 1000’s of women create a life of health.  Yes, i do train some who want to compete in shows, but the majority of my clients are ones that want to feel better, look better and get healthy so they can live life full of passion, energy and Love.  – Teri Dale