Hi –

So excited to invite you to an pretty cool “FREE” event happening on October 13th – 15th (Friday through Sunday) here at BFIT.



Let me explain.

If you are receiving this invite, it is because you are being personally invited by me to attend the first annual “BFIT INTENSIVE” weekend,  as a part of my new BFIT ACADEMY that is being built and implemented right now.  I can’t even tell you how exited I am to be able to offer an even better service, product, facility and life coaching division.

Here is what you need to know. BFIT is changing… changing for the GOOD.  It’s going to be bigger, better, stronger……. kinda like BFIT on STERIODS.

Here is the low down.

  • Workouts are changing – to accommodate time and efficiency.
  • There will be an entire back end (online  portal) division that will allow you to have access to all content/seminars (old and new) available to you at any time.
  • We have a nutrition app in the works.. no more excel spreadsheets. This app will be accessible through your phone and in the online portal.
  • More nutrition and life coaching time options per week, with me, via zoom calls.
  • We are adding a Holistic Health Center to BFIT, called BWELL Holistic Health.  I am getting holistic equipment, all designed for overall health improvement.  Items like additional saunas, hyperbaric chamber, red/blue near and far infrared treatment lights.. plus more healing equipment that will increase your overall health, wellness, recovery, performance and of course healing.  All of this is really good for weight loss, anti-inflammation, detoxing, cellular repair, tissue rejuvenation and so much more that I cannot wait to share with you all.
  • I am adding a more Structured life coaching process.
  • I am offering additional services like Cancer clinics, BFIT Intensive weekends, photoshoots, out of state BFit/BWell retreats ( once could even be on a cruise boat… just sayin)… and more.


I am beyond excited about the new direction of BFIT.  This is the direction I am being lead and directed to SERVE, LEAD, PROVIDE and IMPROVE.  You all will LOVE it…

I am all about change and growth if it is going to benefit everyone around me.  I needed to capitalize and change how I was doing things based on how I have been growing and learning.  It’s all about ME HELPING and SERVING others to the best of my ability.  THIS IS MY PASSION!!   So, onward we go!!!  I am very excited but with excitement always comes RISK and the fear of the EXECUTION of the PLAN, which is why this BFIT intensive weekend will not only be an opportunity for YOU to learn, grow and be mentally pushed in a way that you have never been before, but it will also allow me to receive you HONEST feedback of the event with hopes to make sure I am delivering what you all want.

With that being said, I am inviting you to the BFIT INTENSIVE weekend (FOR FREE).  I will be TEACHING you the many new things that are going into the BFIT ACADEMY Program and BWELL Holistic Health Center.  What you will learn, will quite frankly, BLOW YOU AWAY!!! My intention is to share with you much of what I have been learning the past few years, plus give you a taste of things to come.   You don’t want to miss out on this weekend event.  This is NOT BFIT CAMP where we will be working out all weekend.. it is a weekend where you will be doing some deep GROWTH work; and of course learning many new things.  My hope and promise to you is that you will leave feeling inspired, refreshed and READY TO KICK SOME MAJOR BUTT in your life.  I have noticed and many people are STUCK, they are not growing in life….. there is a reason why.  It’s called your “Brain Chemistry”…ha… that stinky little brain of ours….. always trying to keep us safe. …  I plan to teach you and prove to you that YOU are why you are STUCK or have confusion, or are unmotivated or are depressed or why you emotionally eat or ______________ (fill in the blank) We will discuss it.  It’s Magical… can’t wait.

SO THIS IS THE GOOD NEWS…  THE NOT so good news is …………… I can only taking 15 of you who want to join me this weekend.   Why?    Because I am videotaping this event and because it is the first time I am doing this.   I have to keep the group smaller in order to manage the content and flow of things.  The 15 of you who come, will also be helping me, by providing feedback.  You will also be a part of the BFI footage which will be inside the NEW ONLINE portal. Doesn’t this sound GREAT?!!  If you KNOW you want IN, then make sure you reserve your spot NOW!!!  They will fill up.   Here are your NEXT STEPS!!!!!


  1. Decide you are going. Don’t be wishy washy.. .just make a decision yes or no.
  2. Go to to register for the event.

PLEASE READ THIS >>>>>>This is a FREE event for YOU only…..but there will be a $100 deposit to reserve your spot.  IF you register and show up for the event, YOU WILL GET YOUR $100 back.  IF you register for the event and DO NOT SHOW UP or attend all 3 days, your $100 will NOT BE REFUNDED!!!!! ****

  1. Plan your calendar accordingly.  Friday, the event starts at 9am.  We will be going out to dinner that evening.  This is a casual event.
  2. I will be sending you out more information about the weekend with some additional items you will need to bring/do/sign and read.  I will email that info to you 1 week prior to the event.
  3. Please do not ask me if you can attend 2 of the 3 days, or ½ of 1 of the days.. etc..etc…  Because I am videotaping it and it is interactive and it will be used INSIDE the BFIT Academy ONLINE program portal, I must have complete cooperation and have everyone present all 3 days.
  4. This offer is only going out to CLIENTS that are current or have been a client of mine in the past, so don’t share this with anyone.  If you know of someone that was a client that you think might be interested, shoot me a note and I will see if they were already on this email list.

In closing… you realize that the ONLY reason I am doing what I am doing today and the only reason I am where I am today is because of YOU.  Right?  Each one of you has been in “some part” of my life experience which I am continually trying to improve upon.   It’s all of you “amazing peeps”  that have shown me my path, my direction and what my next steps are…. You are all amazing!!  So… come and check out what the future of BFIT ACADEMY and BWELL Holistic Health is all about…. You helped create it Jmuah – get registered TODAY!!!

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