You Have Cancer – Now What?

You have been told you have cancer.  Now What?  Are you confused?  Are you in shock?

I want to give you a FREE copy of my BOOK!  Yes, FREE!  Because I know what it’s like to feel scared.  I know what it feels like when you are first told you have cancer.  It’s the most horrifying news you could ever hear.

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I’ve been there. I was so scared of losing your hair, I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to work, I had so much worry about how I would suffer if feel sick while on chemo.   I know what it feels like to be wondering if you’ll be around for upcoming holidays.

This is where I was at, but if you are anything like me, I did not want to do chemotherapy or radiation.  I could not wrap my head around putting poison in my body and feeling sick and tired as well as being worried about if it would even go away.  From all of my research, I know cancer always seems to come back if you’ve had chemo, and that scared me to death.

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If you are scared, worried and wondering if there are other options out there I am here to tell you THAT THERE ARE!!!!   I cured myself of Lymphoma without chemo or radiation.  My Oncologist told me I was nuts, but I proved her wrong.

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I want to give you hope, assurance, peace of mind and most of all a SOLUTION.

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Let’s do this together.  Let’s take your fear of cancer away and get you started on a  healing path to health and well being.

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This Birthday Girl Had Goals!

mikki before after


This is what discipline, determination and not giving up can do for anyone who desires to change.

We cannot base our goals on “feelings”.  If Mikki would have based this goal on how “felt”, she would not have been able to reach her goal.  There were many days when she didn’t “feel” like working out, many days when she didn’t “feel” like eating healthy.  What a lot of us “feel” like doing when we are faced with a challenging goal, is quitting and giving up.  How many times have you wanted to quit when something was difficult, but when you faced the challenge, found the right people to support and help you, you got through it and made it.  That sense of accomplishment is extremely powerful.  One that every single person should tap into when they are wanting to quit or give up.  Each time you fight through a tough goal, you grow, become better and change for the better.

This is what Mikki did. 48 lbs lost, down -27% bodyfat, -37 inches and up 4.5 lbs of lean.    Ask her how she felt on the tough days?  Ask her how she feels NOW that she accomplished the goal?    If you aren’t challenged, you don’t change.  We Challenge you so you CHANGE!

Huge shout out to Mikki! Great work !  You look amazing.

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