BFIT & BFAB in 2016

BFIT CHALLENGE 2016 is only days away.

Do you want results like this???

We will help you achieve your goals.  There is no goal to big for us to help you achieve.  We love helping women get their “sexy” back.

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tina hogf


Free Article – “Our Tips For A Smokin Butt” pg 59

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 Email me @

or call me @ 651 452 2339 to set up a meeting/interview


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Free Article – ” SEXY OVER 50″

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Let me tell you WHY you should consider this program.

The BFIT Program is NOT

  1. A quick fix program.
  2. A supplement, packaged food, pills and potions plan.
  3. A program that is just concerned about taking your money.
  4. A workout program where you need to work out 2-3 hours per day.
  5. A place where you feel alone, left out and don’t know what you are doing.

The BFIT Program IS :

  1. A results Driven program
  2. A program where you learn about your metabolism, hormones and are taught about the weight loss and muscle adding process.
  3. An accountability place where we use stats and body fat assessments to make sure you are responding to the program.
  4. Where Nutrition Coaching is mandatory
  5. A gym where your workouts are fun,  effective and for any fitness level.
  6. An environment where you excel, feel plugged in and a part of a culture that is supportive, non-judgmental and goal driven.
  7. A program that will educate you and give you ALL the tools you need to be successful in getting to a healthy body fat percent.







 Email me @

or call me @ 651 452 2339 to set up a meeting/interview





My MISSION and PROMISE TO YOU, is to help you first and foremost, get HEALTHY. In addition, I am known for helping ladies get their sexy back.   If you feel you’ve lost It., then get over here and let me help you. I will also teach you about your body and metabolism so that you won’t have to continually fight the gain- lose,  scenario. This is emotionally and physically hard on you. I get that!!


FREE ARTICLE “Say No To Meds”.pg 25


I will tell you this. IF you do this PROGRAM… you will NEVER have to spend any $$ on any other program. I will TEACH YOU, COACH YOU, GET YOU RESULTS……..………… but ONLY if you are ready and willing to put in the time and effort to learn and do. You have to be compliant and ready to commit. For this, your journey of health will be fun and rewarding. You will NEVER look back if you decide to do this.

Take a look for yourselves and see the results these women get when they do the program. Click Here!!

I also want to give you a FREE RECIPE so you can see the kind of foods you will be able to enjoy. You will LOVE our nutrition plan and recipes. Ah-Mazing!!!



Lastly- I will tell you that if this all sounds “too good to be true” or you are “skeptical”, well then email me @ or call me @ 651 452 2339 to set up a meeting/interview with me. Just so you know, I don’t allow EVERYONE who meets with me do the program.   The consultation includes info and a screening to see if I think you are ready. If not, then I let you come back at a later time when you ARE ready. So the consult is totally a NO PRESSURE meeting.

Want to know why the BFIT NUTRITION WORKS?  CLICK HERE TO SEE!!! pg. 19


 IF you want to watch some of our clients in Action, then watch this video. This pretty much sums it all up.

JOIN US 2016

teri dale cover RE

Email me @ or

call me @ 651 452 2339 to set up a meeting/interview

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