On-Purpose Thinking


My mentor, Joyce Meyer always speaks to my heart and my soul.  I admire her consistency in her Faith and her teachings on how we can better our lives just by following scripture.  Today I was reading her teaching on ‘On-Purpose Thinking”  and it spoke to me.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly and completely our thoughts can change our moods?  Negative thinking of any kind quickly steals our joy and causes bad moods.  When we are negative, grumpy and gloomy, other people don’t enjoy being around us; when our thoughts are down, everything else goes down with them.  Our moods, countenance, conversation and even our body language can begin to droop in a downward position.

People who tend to be negative in their thoughts and conversations are usually unhappy and rarely content with anything for very long.  Even when something exciting happens they chose to find something wrong with it or don’t ever see the good in anything.

They don’t even realize that they could be happy if they simply change the way they think.

We have the ability to make ourselves happy or sad or mad by what we chose to think about.  The Bible Says we must be satisfied with the consequences of our word, whether they are good or evil.  (Prov: 18:20)

Our words begin with our thoughts, so the same principle that applies to our mouths also applies to our minds.  We need to be satisfied with the consequences of our thoughts because they hold the POWER of like and death.  I would add that they hold the power of contentment ad discontent, of joy and sadness.  -JOYCE MEYER

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