5 Concepts that will Change your Body – FAST!

5 Concepts5 Concepts that will Change your Body

 If you do these 5 things DAILY, you will see changes in your physique pretty fast. As well as feeling a whole lot better.

1)  SLEEP! Sleep is so important. Not only does it reset your hormones to burn more fat, but it affects your daily performance and daily nutritional cravings. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will have cravings throughout the day and feel exhausted, which usually leads to not gym time for you. Get plenty of rest so you wake up refreshed to take on the day. You will plan your meals better, eat better and be more likely to get a workout in.

2)  Eat every 2-4 hours. When you eat mini meals periodically during the day, without getting FULL, you will keep your blood sugar stable, increase your metabolism and have better energy.

3)  Every time you eat, take in a protein and carbohydrate together. No more eating carbs all by themselves. This has such an amazing impact on your blood sugar levels and cravings which in return helps to burn fat more efficiently as well as have better energy throughout the day.

4)  Your workouts should be SHORT and INTENSE. Do not get hung up on hours and hours of long duration cardio. Do a few INTENSE, HITT training cardio and weight workouts per week instead. It improves glucose metabolism, fat burning and muscle building.   It’s important to remember one of the biggest benefits of a high intensity interval workout like this; long after you are finished working out, your caloric burn remains higher as your metabolism tries to restore your body to its normal physical and chemical resting state after the “disturbance” that you cause in your system’s preferred balance.

5)  Quit eating fast food, sugar, boxed foods, canned foods and items that are full of chemicals and preservatives. Not only will you have a difficult time losing body fat, but these will build up in your system and can cause long term health issues. This includes alcohol.  Diseases like diabetes, insulin resistance, thyroid disorders, auto-immune disorders and heart problems are all related to inflammation, blood sugar and hormone imbalances all due to putting these exotoxins into your body.

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