Don’t Believe Everything You Read…………

Don't Believe Everything You Read

How many of you weigh yourself in the am, and base your attitude and your day on what the scale says?  Be honest!!  Isn’t it true that if you weigh yourself and the scale is down -5 pounds, you jump up and down and think “awesome”…. and then your day is filled with good choices, and a good attitude and an energy that is full of positivity.  Then… the very next day…… after you’ve eaten right and exercised the previous day, you hop on the scale again, that next morning,  and the scale is up +5 pounds.  What do you do?  Are you are mad, are you disappointed?  My guess is that you are……and now your entire day is filled with despair, you’re negative and you may even make bad eating choices because you think,  “Well, eating healthy doesn’t work anyways.. so what’s the point”… and then you more than likely will NOT go to the gym or workout because the scale went up,and because you’re eating poorly, you have no physical desire to go to the gym as well as mental desire because you’re so ticked off.

I’ve been coaching women for 20 years and this is what I have learned about women.  They base their worth and self-esteem by a number on the scale or a size.  What if I told you that if you QUIT weighing yourself… all together, and be consistent with eating right and exercising regularly, your weight will NOT be important if you are down 4 pants sizes.  Right?

If you are eating right and exercising,the scale weight should NOT matter.  What matters is how your body/physique is changing.    If you don’t feel like your body is changing in appearance, THEN, find a coach to help you sort out what you could be doing incorrectly… but don’t get on the scale to feed the viscous cycle of self sabotage and bad behaviors.

AT BFit Challenge, we focus on Transformation.  We teach you how to get our body to change.  When it changes, you are motivated.  In addition, we do not teach quick fixes, fad diets or $100’s in supplements that you don’t need.  It’s about learning how to cook, eat for your body type, train effectively for results, and balance those hormones so they work for you not against you.

If you are struggling with trying to figure out how to get results and have been frustrated and tried numerous fad diets and or trends, you need to contact us immediately!!!    Why not learn how to do it right?  What are you waiting for.  Go and look at our results, read about our program and then come in for a visit.  We will Change your Life.

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